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The Crew

The crew consists of Nicolaas Heyning (1982), Rea Abermann (1979) and their son Samuel (2014).

Nicolaas has a lot of sailing experience. In 2007 he did his first crossing of the Atlantic ocean. He is completely in his element on the water, enjoys working on the boat and loves adventure.

Rea has gotten into contact with sailing via Nicolaas. She loves to be outside, enjoys swimming and meeting new people. As a food coach she studies anything that has to do with food and how it interacts with people. Living on a boat is challenging but also very instructive. I like it to live so close to the elements and being busy with surviving. 

Traveling means not only adapting to the cultural habbits but also to the local and seisonal products. Many of my memories are connected to food. I visit every market I can, I talk to farmer,s exchange recipes or just try to learn and absorb what people are whilling to share. I´m writting this blog as a memory for myself but also for the one of you who wants to see how it is to cook on a boat with limited ressources but also who is curious to get into different cuisines. At the moment we are sailing around the Canary Islands. There is no chronological order and I poste what we like most and think it´s worth sharing. Obviously the healthy  aspect is always present since I consider Samuel´s  (no sugar and as many veggies as possible) diet. However, enjoy, try out your own version I would say and feel free to comment if you liked it. 
Love, Rea

Why are we doing what we are doing?

Many people asked themselfs why we left our life in Amsterdam and choosed instead to sail around the world with a baby.
The answer... we actually don´t know why, but what we do feel like, is looking for a different way of life, to a more selfsufficient and simple life, closer to nature, away from the comsuming world and the 9 to 5 mentality and to a more sustainable way of living.
We decided to travel for a couple of years, to be with the three of us and see Samuel grow up. We want to go towards the sun and warmth and the best way to do this is with a boat, no roads and no borders. It was always Nicolaas dream to sail around the world and since I like to be on the water, liked sailing and adventures, it was clear that we will give it a try. The first start was painful and heavy, but we stood up stronger, slower and clearer in our mind.
Here we are now, living on a boat, on Java, our second boat.
We definetely are living a different way of life and we can say that we got what we were looking for and much more.
While crusing we are daily busy with surviving stuff, like
- do we have enough water in our tanks
- how about food? what and when will I cook with the ingredients we have.
- how about electricity? are the solar panes and wind propellar producing enough energy to keep our akkus running?
- something has always have to be repaired or used in a more effective way on a boat
- to which harbour or anker place we go next, how far is it and how will be do it?
- how do we entertain Samuel and what can we offer him on daily base?

When we are in a harbour life is easier in the sense that we are provided with running water and electricity, we are close playgrounds, stores or other stuff we might need. The only things that we left is working on the boat and looking for good food (where are the markets with the best veggies, where do I find organic stuff, what does with country like to eat?)
Wanna know more? Watch our video´s...