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Rea´s Food Stories

Rea loves food and people.

Ingredients we don´t wanna miss in our galley

Nicolaas Heyning

April 4, 2016

We are on water again, on Java our new home. New boat, new luck, new food. Finally I feel again the urge to watch over our nutrition. It can be said, that the last 3 months were not the easiest and healthiest onces for us all.
It´s like a tabula rasa for us and now I can reconsider again what do we like, eat and indeed need besides salt and pepper. On the Witte Walrus we had our whole kitchen with us from Amsterdam, but this time I will try to keep it simple, adepting to the life on a boat and using what the country we are in gives us.
Herecomes a list with the ingredients I bought first, followed by an explanation or some food facts. 
Oils:  I love to use all kind of different oils in our food, the extra flavour makes a dish round, but now on the boat I focus on the more essential one´s and try to keep the collection small. 
⦁    extra vergin olive oil, I use for salads and on pasta and olive oil for cooking, though not for baking (not over 150 degrees )
⦁     cold pressed flax oil oil (ritch on omega 3, the taste is quite bitter, should be kept in the fridge and not be heaten. I use if on salads or for smoothies) 
⦁    sesam oil (Asian dishes) 
⦁    extra vergin coconut oil (great for frying since it has a high smoking point, also tasty on bread with peanutbutter) 
⦁    ghee (clarified butter, an ayuvedic recipe, tasty on bread but also very good for frying, I will post the recipe since it´s easy to make it yourself and not as expensive as in the stores. The best part about ghee compared to butter is that it stays good also by high temperatures)
Seeds: we east seeds in our Musli, in salads, shakes, smoothies or just as a snack together with nuts.
⦁    Pumpkin
⦁    Sunflower
⦁    Chia
⦁    Sesam (white)
⦁    Flax (brown)

Herbs & Spices:
⦁    kummel
⦁    Dill
⦁    tarragon (fresh one and then kept in vinagre) 
⦁    juniper berry (good for soups and sauerkraut) 
⦁    laurier  
⦁    oregano
⦁    thym
⦁    rozemary
⦁    black pepper
⦁    veggi bouillion without yeast  
⦁    chives
⦁    parsley
⦁    sea salt, fleur de sel, himalaya salt, herb salt
⦁    kurkuma
⦁    curry
⦁    chilli
⦁    cinnamon
⦁    sweet paprika
⦁    fennel (also nice for tea)
⦁    basil
⦁    maggikraut

Nuts: walnut, hazelnut, white almond, cashew (all unsalted and raw if possible) 
Dried fruits: Samuel loves raisins, but we eat as well figs, dates, pruins, apricot, cranberries (sunfloweroil and apple juice preferably)
Tea: Chamomille (good for the stomage or skin), Lime-tree blossom (for the throat and respiratory system, Mint (diagestion), Green-, White tea, Herb tea
⦁    Tahin paste (nice for sauces, salad, cookies)
⦁    Soya Sauce (asian food)
⦁    Apple, White Wine and Balsamico Vinegre
⦁    White Almond Paste (for Samuel)
⦁    Algies (we have a collection of nori, wagamame, 
⦁    Miso Paste
⦁    Gomasio
⦁    Dry yeast
⦁    All kind of whole pasta and brown rice, lentils (red, green, beluga), beans, quinoa, flouer (whole, spelt, buckwheat, kamut - we bake our own bread)