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Rea´s Food Stories

Rea loves food and people.

Kimchi salad

Nicolaas Heyning

Since the moment I tasted kimchi till now, I can't miss it anymore. (Thank you Maiko!) Probably because I grew up with all kind of fermentated stuff like sourdough bread, sauerkraut, pickels, homemade yogurth and cheese, water kefir, bortsch etc.. Luckily I can get kimchi here in Las Palmas in many Asian supermarkets, but sonner or later I will have to make my own kimchi and I´m curious how it will taste. 

What is kimchi? Kimchi is a spiced fermanted cabbage. It is a Korean dish and it is a preparation of fermented spiced (ginger, garlic, chilli, salt, soy sauce) veggies, most commun are cabbage or radish. I prefer cabbage. 

Ingredients (serve 4)
⦁    Kimchi
⦁    1 Cucumber, sticks
⦁    1 Tofu (alternative, doen´t have to be), silken, cubes
⦁    2 Thuna (could be also makreel or sardines) 
⦁    5 Raddish, sticks
⦁    2 Spring onions, thin sliced
⦁    Sesam seeds, handfull
⦁    Soya sauce

You can use the veggies you like, I´m sure it tastes good with almost everything, as long as there is kimchi. 


Cut all the ingredients and put them in layers on the plate, than sprincle with soy sauce and sesam seeds. We eat the salad with chop sticks. Hmmmm, yummi...
You could also wrap all this ingredients together in a salad leaf or a rice paper and eat is a a wrap.