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Rea´s Food Stories

Rea loves food and people.

Rea´s food stories: a travel and cooking blog

Nicolaas Heyning

Traveling means not only adapting to the cultural habits but also to the local and seasonal products. Many of my memories are connected to food. I visit every market I can, I talk to farmers, exchange recipes or just try to learn and absorb what people are willing to share.
I´m writting this blog as a memory for myself but also for the one of you who wants to see how it is to cook on a boat with limited ressources but also who is curious to get into different cuisines.  At the moment we are sailing around the Canary Islands. There is no chronological order and I poste what we like most and think it´s worth sharing. Obviously the healthy  aspect is always present since I consider Samuel´s (no sugar and as many veggies as possible) diet. 
However, enjoy, try out your own version I would say and feel free to comment if you liked it. 
Love, Rea