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The Witte Walrus

The Witte Walrus was the ship on which we started our adventure 

The Witte Walrus was the ship with which we left Amsterdam for our adventurous journey over water. She was a beautiful 50ft ketch designed by Bruce Roberts. The design was inspired by the Spray, from the late Captain Joshua Slocum.

She was spacious and comfortable and proved to be a good home for us. Due to her size we sailed her with crew which gaves a lot of good times. We invested a lot of work into making her fit for the journey and there was still a lot to do.

Unfortunately we crashed into the rocks of La Gomera on October 31 2015. We were saved, but the next day there was nothing of her left. A tragic experience. In the months after this we went through a lot of grieve, learned much about ourselves and decided we did not want this to be our last sailing experience. 

We think back with good memories to the Witte Walrus. Her beauty turned heads everywhere we came. Her character got us introduced to the most interesting people. And her power gave us the courage to leave Amsterdam and take on this wonderful adventure.