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On our blog we share with you the experiences we have while sailing togehter

The end of our first bluewater dream

Nicolaas Heyning


We just realized that after our last newsletter is almost a year ago. Sorry folks. We have been busy: taking a break from Java and coming back to The Netherlands for a couple of months, where we also decided that that's the place we wanna go back to. So we arranged a house, Nico got a job, Samuel a kindergarden place and than we got back to the Caribbean enjoying our last period as cruisers on Java. She has been sold as well and her new home is now in Bonaire, where she gets pimped and ready for regattas. A better future we could not wish her. 

We had an unforgettable time, a difficult time, a beautiful, crazy and special time as a family. We are happy to live on land again, but we're looking forward to our next blue water experience! We miss the water, the swimming and the outside life already. Here comes our newsletter with our last impressions. Enjoy watching and thanks for supporting us.

Love and peace

Nico, Samuel and Rea


Nicolaas Heyning

Java has got a new owner and we a new life! Everybody happy! We will miss Java for sure, but knowing that she is in good hands makes it easier to let go. Fair winds Jos! 


Java for sale

Nicolaas Heyning

Our sailboat Java is for sale

A sportive, classic sailing yacht which is very suitable for short and long sailing trips with a family. The boat has already sailed twice around the Atlantic ocean and is therefor very well equipped. The rigging is setup so she can easily be sailed singlehanded. She is well maintained and had a lot of work done in 2016.

It is a comfortable boat for living on it and a wonderful boat for sailing, for the last couple years she provided us the means to realize our dream live of cruising with our family. Not it is the time for the next one to undo the docking lines and stand behind the helm.
The boat is currently in the Caribbean but can be delivered in Europe the summer of next year.

Asking price is €40.000,-


  • Jeanneau Sun-Fizz 
  • Length 40ft, width 12ft, depth 6ft
  • Build in 1983
  • Hull material is fiberglass
  • 3 cabins, 8 berths
  • Weight 7.5t
  • 320L water in stainless steel tanks
  • Fuel 80L in stainless steel tank + 80L in jerrycans
  • 2.6m zodiac dinghy with 2017 mercury two stroke 5hp outboard
  • Electrical windlass
  • Rocna anchor + 150ft of 10mm chain
  • 2 spare anchors + 30ft of chain
  • Vast supply of landlines and fenders
  • Force 10 stove with 2 burners and an oven
  • Full kitchen supply
  • Jabsco head (2016) with holding tank
  • 4 Secumar 275N automatic lifejackets from 2015
  • Bombard 6 person liferaft with 2017 service
  • Grab-bag with rockets and supplies
  • Sprayhood and Bimini (service 2017)
  • Snorkel gear
  • Fishing gear


A spacious main cabin with lots of windows and over 6ft headroom. Has a cosy and comfortable feel. The pillows on the couches are good. The table can be slided down to create a two person bed. There is a lot of storage space in the cupboards, under the couches and under the floor. Practical head with toilet, sink and shower.

The front cabin has it's own hatch which makes it light and airy. There is plenty storage room for clothing and gear.
The starboard cabin has a single person bed which is very suitable for a child. There is also a connection for a washing machine, which is included.
The port side cabin sleeps two people and also has a lot of storage room.
Nav station has a firm and comfortable seating which is perfect during sailing.  There is a big chart table surrounded by all electronics, communication and navigation equipment.
The galley has good hand holds, fresh and saltwater tap,  a double sink and a big fridge. The Force 10 stove has a good oven for bread and stable burners.
The engine room can be opened from all sides and is good to reach.

The cockpit is very spacious and holds 8 people. It has a fold out table. The bimini and sprayhood provide good protection against the sun and wind. There are two enormous lockers for storage.

Technical specifications

  • Original Perkins inboard engine, 45hp, about 5000 working hours
  • Raymarine Type 1 Linear drive autopilot (2016)
  • New shaft and water gasket(2016)
  • New rudder bearings (2016)
  • Mercury two-stroke 5hp outboard engine with internal and external tank (2017)
  • Electrical fresh water pump with pressure switch and a backup foot pump
  • Whale saltwater pump in the galley
  • NASA digital engine temperature sensor
  • 2 electrical and 1 manual bilge pump
  • 4 fire extinguishers (2016)


  • 4x100 ah service batteries (2015) + 1x 100ah starting battery
  • 300 watt in solar panels with 2 regulators
  • Wind turbine
  • Victron battery monitor
  • All LED lightning
  • Radio/cd player with 4 speakers


  • Depth/Speed instrument
  • Windmeter (needs service)
  • Raymarine Type 1 Lineair Autopilot (2016)
  • Windvane
  • Radar
  • Ocean Radio VHF + handheld
  • AIS receiver
  • Short wave radio receiver
  • Raymarine Chartplotter including maps of the Canary islands and the Caribbean
  • A large number of (digital) maps and pilots
  • Ocean Signal EPIRB


  • 355 ft2 mainsail with 3 reefs, can be hoisted and controlled fom the cockpit. From 2011 with 2017 service
  • 540 ft2 furling Genua. From 2011 with 2016 service
  • 322 ft2 cutter jib with one reef on a removable cutter stay. From 2011.
  • 172 ft2 second jib
  • 86 ft2 storm jib
  • 1184 ft2 Spinnaker including boom. From 2014

Sailing the Witte Walrus and Java, 2 years on water

Nicolaas Heyning

back in amsterdam.jpg

Dear all,

fruit flies like a banana, time flies like an arrow...

After 2 years of adventure we are more than happy to be back in the Netherlands for a tropical break, while Java is safe and dry on Curacao. Here is a short video to remember and thank everybody for all the support along the way. Thank you all!  

Love and Peace
Rea and Nicolaas 

Java in Grenada, hell of a job in paradise

Nicolaas Heyning

Imagine you have to work in a Turkish bath every day. And not only working but also living there. Well, this is how we felt in Grenada. 

We postponed some work on Java for this last stop before crossing to the ABC islands, but we underestimated the climate and the condition of our stanchions. Shortly said, we spend one month in Grenada, in a Yacht Club, so no swimming and working daily on the boat.

We made some excursions and met luckily some nice locals, but in general the vibe was not good and we were happy to leave the island. But Grenada itself is a beautiful green island with very tasty chocolate. It just wasn't the right moment for us. 

We decided to take a break from Java and our sailing life. We are almost 2 years on the water now and we kind of got on overdosis of each other, of the cruising life, of everything. We need a change of scenery, so we decided to go for the summer home and relax. Enjoy the land comfort with a hot shower, a big bed, a dishwasher, plenty of sweet water and of course our beloved friends and family. 

However here some impressions of the last weeks. Check our blog  to see our latest video and how we our doing.

Love and Peace
Rea and Nicolaas 

Sailing in the Grenadines with Njord, Ladysunshine and Allegro

Nicolaas Heyning

After the visit of Rea's parents, we started sailing south. We stopped for a last time on our favorite island Dominica and then continued to the Grenadines in order to meet with our beloved friend Ruben. It was the first time that we sailed overnight and for a longer distance, but everything went fine and we had a good time. 

While we discovered with Njord the long deserted beaches and the beauty of each island, we finally met a boat with kids, even two: Landysunshine from Germany and Allegro from Brasil, a perfect combination for us. Samuel is having fun with his new friend Javik (3,5 years old) and even if they hit each other or have difficulties in sharing they do call themselves best friends and are asking to see each other. Meanwhile Igor, the 6st year old Brazilian boy looks terrified when the two little monsters are coming and play or better said trow with his toys. The best playground is the beach though for all of us. 

We also made new Dutch friends on Matsja, whom we will see again in Bonaire. So suddenly a lot of social activities for us and more fun sailing. 

Here some impressions of the last weeks. Check our blog  to see our latest video and how we our doing.

Love and Peace
Rea and Nicolaas 

Java sailing the French Islands

Nicolaas Heyning

We sailed together with Rea's parents around the French Islands: Guadeloupe, Ile de Saintes, Marie Galante. All of them different from each other. It was great to have family on board and we had a good time together. We sailed a lot but also visited this beautiful islands. Marie Galante was our favorite, followed by Guadeloupe, which surprised us by its diversity and friendly people, the food not to mention...

Now we are heading south continue cruising. 

Love and Peace, Nico&Rea

Sailing Marie-Galante

Nicolaas Heyning

We have visited the island Marie-Galante, a small island which is part of Guadeloupe and is as flat as a pancake. Time is standing still in this beautiful place. There is a lot of sugar cane farming and they produce the best rum. People are super friendly and greet you everywhere.

We had a lot of fun hanging out with our sailor friends from America, Ireland and Germany.

Dominica, the green island

Nicolaas Heyning

Dominica, the green island

We wanted very much to get here and indeed it was as extraordinary as expected. Such an almost untouched island, but green hills, rainforest, rivers, hot springs, waterfalls and more waterfalls, everyday a rainbow and with it also some rain. The locals were very friendly, open, curious and helpful. On the first impression you might think that there is some poverty but on a second look you see actually how rich the people here are: water taps on every corner, rich soil for vegetables and fruits and safety. I would almost call it a precious paradise that hopefully stays like this. There is no international airport, so this might help and contribute to the preservation of Dominica. 

We have been here for almost 3 weeks and it was a lot of fun, we were socially very active and Samuel joined and had fun and made friends. Hiking, singing, playing games, exploring, a lot of laughing and a lot of drinking (the rum punch in Dominica at Felix Bar is the best till now), interesting political and future conversations.

Thank you Dominica, we had a very good time and we will surely come back again. 

Love and Peace

Nico and Rea


Nicolaas Heyning

Martinique was our second island here in the Caribbean waters and it was quite a contrast to Santa Lucia. Suddenly you have almost European standards but surrounded by palm trees and nice beaches and of course tasty croissants. 

We had to get used though to speak French, our brain was still dominated by Spanish, but at the end we managed. 

We celebrated carneval in Martinique, a separate video will follow later. 

Happy Holidays to everybody, hope you enjoy spring!


Nico and Rea 

ps. the video is this time in low quality since it took us almost 3 weeks to upload it, an internet cable between the US and Guadeloupe is broken.