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Crossing the Golf of Biskaje

Nicolaas Heyning

Crossing the Golf of Biskaje 

We have completed one of the biggest challenges of our journey! 



The Golf of Biskaje has been known for its unpredictable weather and rough sea. Also the first big crossing with Wally, it was something we looked up to. 

Fortunately we have been able to avoid a big storm in Camaret and our biggest challenge was that we had to motor a lot due to too little wind.

It is great to be in Spain and Portugal. The weather is a lot more agreeable, the culture feels like holiday and the locals are super friendly. Slowly we are coming into the ritme of cruising and realise more and more that the journey has begun.

Samuel feels very comfortable at the boat and we feel that we are growing much closer. 


Rea and Nicolaas