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On our blog we share with you the experiences we have while sailing togehter

Sailing with the Abermanns

Nicolaas Heyning

The parents of Rea have visited us so that they could spend time with us and Samuel. 

It was their first time on a sailboat so we were all very excited. It was very nice to be together again and It's great to see how much they love Samuel.  

The weather has been very nice. We spend a few days in Cascais and Lisboa and then sailed (motored) around Cabo da Sao Vicente. For the first time we can sail East again. The coast is beautiful with steep cliffs and stunning sunsets. We relaxed for 2 days in a bay with beach. To lagos we had a great sailing day so we are happy the parents experienced all the aspects of cruising with the Walrus. 

We are looking forward to see them again on the other side of the atlantic.