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On our blog we share with you the experiences we have while sailing togehter

Java in Grenada, hell of a job in paradise

Nicolaas Heyning

Imagine you have to work in a Turkish bath every day. And not only working but also living there. Well, this is how we felt in Grenada. 

We postponed some work on Java for this last stop before crossing to the ABC islands, but we underestimated the climate and the condition of our stanchions. Shortly said, we spend one month in Grenada, in a Yacht Club, so no swimming and working daily on the boat.

We made some excursions and met luckily some nice locals, but in general the vibe was not good and we were happy to leave the island. But Grenada itself is a beautiful green island with very tasty chocolate. It just wasn't the right moment for us. 

We decided to take a break from Java and our sailing life. We are almost 2 years on the water now and we kind of got on overdosis of each other, of the cruising life, of everything. We need a change of scenery, so we decided to go for the summer home and relax. Enjoy the land comfort with a hot shower, a big bed, a dishwasher, plenty of sweet water and of course our beloved friends and family. 

However here some impressions of the last weeks. Check our blog  to see our latest video and how we our doing.

Love and Peace
Rea and Nicolaas