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Our Blog

On our blog we share with you the experiences we have while sailing togehter

Morocco to the Canary Islands

Nicolaas Heyning

Hello everyone, 

The adventure just continues. After the mystical Morocco we continued towards the Canary Islands.  This time with cousin Ordering and girlfriend Inger. The crossing was as it should be: steady wind, sun, 6kts average and a gorgeous ocean.  

In two days we reached isla Graciosa with rewarding swims and mucho tranquillo bays. The Canary Islands are very nice and it was great that we are on a easy time schedule. 

Samuel is making his first steps and the three of us are happy together!  

Portugal to Morocco

Nicolaas Heyning

we had a great trip with Anders en Robbert from Portugal Via Spain to Morocco. 

Very divers with different cultures, wind and berths.

It's great that our journey is turning into a real adventure and we were happy to share this with our great crew. 

A Walrus on the dry

Nicolaas Heyning

In lagos we took the boat out of the water to do some work after the first 1000 miles. 

The Sopromar family has an excellent workshop and even better people who did a lot of good work on the Walrus.  

It was very weird to live on land again. No fresh air, no water, no swinging boat and construction next door. A good way to appreciate our life on the sea even more! 



Sailing with the Abermanns

Nicolaas Heyning

The parents of Rea have visited us so that they could spend time with us and Samuel. 

It was their first time on a sailboat so we were all very excited. It was very nice to be together again and It's great to see how much they love Samuel.  

The weather has been very nice. We spend a few days in Cascais and Lisboa and then sailed (motored) around Cabo da Sao Vicente. For the first time we can sail East again. The coast is beautiful with steep cliffs and stunning sunsets. We relaxed for 2 days in a bay with beach. To lagos we had a great sailing day so we are happy the parents experienced all the aspects of cruising with the Walrus. 

We are looking forward to see them again on the other side of the atlantic.  

Just the 3 of us

Nicolaas Heyning

After a good but heavy first leg, our first crew Leonie and Jan have left us for Holland so we are with just the 3 of us on the Witte Walrus. It is a strange, exciting and special sensation to be all alone for the first time. 

Rea is doing very good with the anchoring and sailing so we have made it all the way down to Cascais. The sun warms us and the winds are more favourable, we feel even more on our adventure.  

The Witte Walrus is doing well as our home and life is good. 


Rea and Nicolaas  

Crossing the Golf of Biskaje

Nicolaas Heyning

Crossing the Golf of Biskaje 

We have completed one of the biggest challenges of our journey! 



The Golf of Biskaje has been known for its unpredictable weather and rough sea. Also the first big crossing with Wally, it was something we looked up to. 

Fortunately we have been able to avoid a big storm in Camaret and our biggest challenge was that we had to motor a lot due to too little wind.

It is great to be in Spain and Portugal. The weather is a lot more agreeable, the culture feels like holiday and the locals are super friendly. Slowly we are coming into the ritme of cruising and realise more and more that the journey has begun.

Samuel feels very comfortable at the boat and we feel that we are growing much closer. 


Rea and Nicolaas  

South West England to Brittany

Nicolaas Heyning


We have, made it from England to Brittany. Unfortunately we had to do a lot of motoring because of too little wind from the wrong direction.

But England was beautiful! We were surprised how nice it is there. And it is lovely to be back in France 



Rea and Nicolaas  

The journey has begun!

Nicolaas Heyning

Our journey towards the caribean has begun. 

Together with our cousins Jan and Leonie we left a beautiful crowd behind in Amsterdam. Wied, Diederen, Oliver, elsa and even Grootvader came to ijmuiden for a last goodbye and then the Witte Walrus tasted her first salt water.

We are currently in the south of England. Southwest wind is working against us, but sailing routine is starting to sink in. 

See video for more insight.  


Een chille paasdag

Nicolaas Heyning

Met familie en vrienden hebben we een heerlijke paastocht gehad.

Het weer was prachtig, heerlijke lente zon en een zacht briesje. De lekkere lunch die iedereen heeft meegenomen maakte de dag compleet.

Iedereen leeft enorm mee met onze voorbereidingen en is trots op wat aan het ondernemen zijn.

Vaartocht naar Muiden

Nicolaas Heyning


Met de leden van Club Uitje hebben we een prachtige tocht gemaakt naar Muiden.

Omdat we 's avonds zijn vertrokken hebben we voor het eerst in het donker gevaren. Een mooie gewaarwording en heerlijk om 's nachts helemaal alleen op het water te zijn.
Het Muiderslot is mooi verlicht en erg mysterieus als je er voorbij vaart Muiden in.

De nacht was laat dus we hebben door de regenbuien van de ochtend heen geslapen. 'S middag uitgevaren met mooie zon en stevige windkracht 5. Erg cool om de jongens kennis te laten maken met Wally en ze het leven aan boord te laten proeven.